Thursday, January 28, 2010


Just so people know this is MY BLOG not yours so if you don't like what I write then don't read it. Oh and I really don't need people correcting my grammer. I am not an auther so excuse the hell out of me if I don't write correctly.

How hard is for boys to actually pee in the tiolet? Well aparently it is near impossible for my boys. I mean really just point aim and shoot that is it. How do you teach them to get it in the tiolet and not on the floor,walls and all surrounding  areas?

Well I guess I am done venting for now. Wow it feels great to actually get all this out now I can move on......


  1. We are both going bitch

  2. da-yum...what happened here? eff 'em...that's what i always say. and feel free to delete that, if you don't want it on your blog! just sayin'!

  3. Who is correcting your grammar?!? What is WRONG with people??? Don't hang around if you are going to be mean!

    Just remind yourself that anyone who has to make themselves feel better by being hateful for no good reason probably has a really sad and pathetic life! And then, envision punching them in the face! I never actually do it, but sometimes the pretending is helpful!

  4. Hey homer, I did the blog award thing, ????

  5. Amen! Your blog is a place where you don't have to sensor your thoughts and feelings...and you shouldn't be corrected on your blog. What jerks!