Tuesday, January 19, 2010

People never seem to amaze me!

Ok let me start by saying I truely believe that to each its own and who am I to say what is right or wrong on people's beliefs or how they rise thier children. But this situation I am about to tell you just blew my mind I mean really???? What a dumb @ss!!

I have a great job where we are aloud to bring our children well mine are all in school but we have one lady that still brings hers on occassion. She is very very opionated and always brags on how her kids only eat organic food they are not allowed to have white enriched flour or sugar. ( I never say a word that is her chioce)She also puts other people down on how they raise thier kids. Keep in mind her kids are 3 and soon to be 2.

So yesterday her son was finished eating his lunch so she got up and proceeded to get a Clorox wipe I thought she was going to wipe the tray up boy was I was wrong she wipped his face and hands with a clorox wipe YES People with a CLOROX wipe. So I said "did you just wipe his face with that?" She said " yes I always do, it does not have bleach in it" Are you freakin kidding me. I was just blown away someone that "claims" to be organic cleans their kids face with a clorox wipe.  Stupid people never seem to amaze me!!


  1. Love this. Poor kid though. Amazing how she is always telling people how to raise/feed/whatever their children but I bet if you were to say ONE thing to her-she would get super pissed!

    I work with someone who does not have children - never had children- never wanted children and she always has the answer to raising kids. Huh!

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