Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Post it note Tuesday...

My very first post it note Tuesday....


  1. i can so freaking relate.
    really controlling my calories to 1200 a day, drinking a minimum of 150oz of water a day is my life.
    i will exercise @ some point, but for now, this is working for me.
    and im going on VACA in about 9 weeks. EEEK!

  2. this makes me so sad....really really sad. because i'm about to say goodbye to my dr pepper...and it's not gonna be easy. someone's gonna get hurt!

  3. I did really good for almost 2 weeks and i caved this weekend I had a diet dr.pepper.... It was sooooooooo good.. I am not kidding when I say I HATE WATER!!!

  4. i hate water also, I love me so coke! good luck. I am down to 1-2 a day which 90% better than what it was!

  5. I have you tried flavored water? Or even carbonated flavored water? I used to drink Crystal Light until it tore my stomach up, so I don't recommend that. Good luck!