Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Long time.....

WOW I think it has been like 6 weeks since I have been on here. We have been so busy with softball, Easter and lots of birthday parties. Where do I start... Well softball has been going great we got 1st place in a tournament and the girls are doing a great job. We have one girl on our team that is well a little b**ch. That seems a little mean to say about a 11 year old girl but seriously she is.Taylor is doing awesome at 2nd base and sometimes 3rd but her true passion is to pitch. She has been taking pitching lessons and seems to be doing very well.

Jordan and Taylor

We Rock 1st Place
Did I mention that the champonship game started at 10:20 pm I think we got home around 12:30 am! It was a very long day but it was worth it.

Easter weekend

Colin and his cousin Ragan

Conner can be such a pain! The only good pic!

That's a little better....
I am exhausted I will post some more tomorrow....