Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sexy Stuff

This is a conversation that my 6 year old Colin had with my 4 year old Conner.

Colin- Daddy I saw a sign on the road that said "sexy stuff" ( as he giggles)
Conner- What  does sexy mean?
Colin- It means your HOT
Conner- What? What does your Hot mean?
Colin- It means your Beautiful!
Conner- oooh Ok

The conversations that those boys have crack me up. To be that innocent just makes me smile. I guess Colin is getting at the age where he is starting to ask alot of questions about things so I try to give him the most simple answer for his age.Which seems to satisfy him at the moment. This is another conversation Colin and I had the other day.

Colin- Mommy
Me- Yes son
Colin- Will you Marry me?
Me- You can't marry your mommy.
Colin- Why? I love you!
Me- because I am married to your daddy. You will find a girl that you love when you get older to marry.
Colin- Will daddy be dead when I get grown?
Me- No son. Why would you ask that?
Colin-I don't know just asking
Conner- well Michael Jackson died
Me- Conner, Michael Jackson died because he abused drugs. So don't ever use drugs so you can live a long time.
Conner- ok mommy

I do have to say that Colin melted my heart that day! I am sure as they get older these conversations will not go as easy as these did.So today I am going to cherish these simple conversasions that my boys and I have.

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