Tuesday, February 16, 2010

4 inches in Atlanta

Colin my sweet 6 year old! 

Colin lost his first tooth! He was so proud. The Tooth Fairy brought him $2.00 

Here in Georgia we had 4 inches of snow to us that is great because we hardly ever get snow. Colin loved it he played outside for hours.My other two not so much I think they were outside for maybe 5 min.So that is why I only have pictures of Colin.


  1. He finally lost a tooth. Now they will all start falling out. And we'll both have toothless kids.

  2. Your camera takes such good pictures - what kind of camera is it??

  3. Its a Nikon D3000, that she turned all red and splotchy when she bought it. :)

  4. When you said 4 inches, I was hoping you were not talking about Brandon.

  5. $2 for a tooth? If I need some money, do you think the tooth fairy could help me out?

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